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Wandering Commercial and Wedding photographer and Watercolor artist
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Hi! I’m Haylie. I'm so glad you are here! Let me introduce myself. I am a photographer that is equal parts lover of emotion drenched lifestyle portraiture and stunning, beautifully styled commercial photography. I like my portraiture to be timeless and adventurous and my commercial work simplistic and clean. 

I love couples who are up for an adventure and families who love their families just as they are, messy faces, and grass-stained jeans and all. Those moments in your home that most people don't see are the ones that are so precious and the ones that I aim to capture for a lifetime of memories. 

I love collaborations and believe in community over competition. I have a deep love for small shops and hand crafted items with soul. 

I am an adventurer myself and I highly rely on multiple puppy kisses to get through my day.  I am partial to neither hot tea nor coffee. I love them both equally; especially if they are imported. 

So that's just a few fun facts about me and my passions. I'd love to get to know you better as well! If you are a small shop looking to collaborate or a couple looking for adventure, or a Mom of 3 that just loves your beautiful mess of a life; shoot me a message. Let's meet up and chat over tea... or coffee.